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A Potted History of the Business Card

A Potted History of the Business Card

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The Business Card has become the most common form of advertising our businesses and the services we offer.
Did you know that Business Cards were in use as far back as the 15th Century in China?

Business Cards as we know them today, were originally Calling Cards and were a very important part of society.
It was the 17th century when the Calling Card was introduced to Europe but the most spectacular period was from the early 1800’s to the 1900’s. Cards were hand finished, fringed, embroidered and some even had doors and windows, this truly was the era of Calling Cards!

As time progressed the Calling Card became the Trade Card, this gave information about the merchants location and usually had a map on it as there was no such thing as Google Maps back then and street numbers were uncommon.

Our modern Business Cards have masses of information on them and can be very effective if they give a professional image.

Avoid FREE templates at all costs as you could end up looking just the same as any other tradesperson! A good brand identity is vital for effective marketing.

We love branding and helping get businesses noticed!

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